Why we love Maileg Toys

Maileg, a Danish toymaker that manufactures whimsical and humorous soft mice, rabbits and dolls with a nordic and nostalgic look and feel. Each Maileg character is full of personality and charm, with hand embroidered details and friendly expressions.

maileg logo

Maileg toys are perfect for encouraging imaginative play in children.  Every Maileg character is put together by hand with incredible attention to detail, including delicate clothes and natural fabrics with ornate prints on them. Maileg mice come in a selection of different packaging, which actually form part of the toy, such as small matchboxes complete with bedclothes, pillows and blankets, there’s even a cardboard dance studio, complete with mirror and ballet detailing.

Maileg was created by designer Dorthe Mailil who, inspired by the fairy stories of her own childhood, set out to create the beautifully realised world of Maileg. The brand is now best known for is matchbox mice selection, but is forever growing it’s selection of highly collectable characters.

Maileg also have a new Christmas collection out! Just check out the Maileg Gingerbread House scene on the image below ❤

Maileg image courtesy of @eva.and.rose

Photography by @LeonieJaneLee

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